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The MVHS Instrumental Music program depends on donations to fund the groups and activities made available to students throughout the year. Much of the funding comes from program donations, which is the amount requested from each student participating in the Instrumental Music program. It is calculated by evaluating the shortfall between the Instrumental Music program funding needs and what is projected to be raised through general fundraising activities.


Your program donation helps pay for costs including specialized coaching (as without this, we would not be able to perform at the level we are), insurance, instruments and repair, drill design, uniform cleaning, and more. Universal participation enables us to keep requested program donations low. Additional fees for special trips are determined as the event and logistics are planned.


MVHSIMBA is a registered 501c(3) organization, therefore all donations made to the program may be tax deductible.


If your student participates in both Marching Band (including Color Guard) and a Concert Ensemble (Strings Orchestra; Wind Ensemble), or Jazz Band, you are only requested to meet the higher Marching Band program donation. Winter Drumline and Winter Guard have additional program donations.


Donations above and beyond the requested program donations are always welcome, as are donations from extended family, community members, and alumni. 

2023-2024 Program Donations


  • Marching Band and Color Guard (Fall Semester): $750 

(or 4 monthly installments of $187.50)


  • Orchestra (Year): $400 

(or 4 monthly installments of $100 or 8 monthly installments of $50)


  • Wind Ensemble (Year): $300 

(4 monthly installments of $75 or 8 monthly installments of $37.50)


  • Jazz Band (Year): $200

(4 monthly installments of $50 or 8 monthly installments of $25)


  • Winter Drumline (Spring Semester): $750

(or 4 monthly installments of $187.50)


  • Winter Guard   (Spring Semester): $750 

(or 4 monthly installments of $187.50)

2023-2024 Other Expenses (approximately; costs subject to change):

  • WBA Finals Trip Expenses: TBD

  • Color Guard Costume: $220 (approximate)

  • Winter Guard Costume: $220 (approximate)

  • Winter Drumline Costume: $220 (approximate) 

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