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Throughout the school year, MVHSIMBA holds various fundraisers to benefit the entire program. It is important that all students and their families participate in fundraising activities to help keep our Program Donations as low as possible. Many of our fundraising opportunities can be done at NO EXTRA COST to you! 


RaiseRight         Buy gift cards (physical cards and e-cards) from your favorite brands and a portion goes back to MVHSIMBA. Download the RaiseRight app on your phone to easily browse over 750 restaurants, stores, online shopping sites, and more that participate. Link a bank account or credit card in the app and purchase e-cards almost instantly for a small fee, or place the order and pay the coordinator directly with cash or check. Click here for instructions on how to Join a Program on the Raise Right app with the MVHSIMBA enrollment code 448F9EB31L2L4.


Textile Drives: We collect textiles (clothing, drapery, bedding, shoes, purses. etc) for which we receive a set amount per pound. We usually collect all year round and then turn our bounty in sometime in April or May.  It is a great way to not only support the Instrumental Music Program, but also to clean out your closet!  Don't forget to tell your friends and neighbors too!   AND let us know if your community is having a garage sale, we can reach out to them ahead of time for textile pick-up after the garage sale is done!  Place textiles in kitchen size plastic garbage bags, drop off your textiles in the band room or after school place bags under our collection bin "Black Beauty" located in the parking lot behind the band room.  We will move the contents into the trailer.


Ralphs Community Giving Program: A percentage of your grocery purchases are donated to the Instrumental Music program at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! It is as simple as registering your Reward Card and selecting Mission Viejo H.S. Instr. Music (Account #JK102) as the program to which you wish to donate. Click here to sign up. NOTE: The Ralph's Giving Program requires you to renew your selection every September 1st.


Legends Fundraiser: Parents have the opportunity to volunteer at the 5 Point Amphitheater in Irvine selling concessions during their Summer and Fall concert season.  Money earned from participation goes directly to cover the cost of your student's program donations.  The program does have mandatory training sessions offered in April and May in order to participate.  Even working 3-4 nights can cover an entire ensemble program donation!  We must mention that the proceeds from Legends, by  tax law, can only cover program donations which benefit the entire music program and does not cover individual student expenses such as costumes, trips or gear.  Fund's  earned cannot be paid out to students or parents, directly, but can be rolled over from year to year or student to student.   Any extra funds left over will automatically go into the general Instrumental Music Fund at the end of the student's senior year.


Company Matching: Many companies will match your charitable donation to MVHSIMBA, some up to 100%! Please check with your company to see if they participate in a matching program. This is a FREE way for you to double your donation!


Grants: There are many organizations that will provide grants to music programs. We need help identifying these organizations and writing grant proposals to obtain funding. These proposals range from very simple to more complex. Please contact the Ways & Means Manager if you are interested in learning more, or if you have information on potential grants. We are always in need of other ideas for Fundraisers! Contact the Ways & Means Manager to discuss ideas and see how you can help! 

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